I am super honored to be included in this new book browser, shepherd.com. The folks behind it are trying to find new ways to help you find the books you love. It’s author friendly and easy to use. You can search by Wikipedia topic, books similar to your favorite book or author, or just scroll through random authors’ recommendation lists. Because that’s how it works. Each author is asked to recommend five books similar to their own. My category: The best engaging novels with nuanced and interesting LGBTQ2+ characters who might or might not fall in love.

My favorite button is up in the righthand corner. Random book lists. When I hit it, I come up with lists like The best novels with eccentric characters who have something important to say, The best books about Norse myths from direct sources, the best books about fun and effective dog training. It’s got everything, and it’s powered by authors.

I hope you’ll check it out. Once you do, you might consider subscribing to their monthly update.

So, that’s it for today. Remember to live the love. It’s all we’ve really got.