Yup. Santa Cruz is officially on lockdown—or, partial lockdown. They call it “shelter in place.” What this means: “essential services” are still allowed to stay open. There’s a list of these, they include things like grocery stores, hospitals, plumbers, and hardware stores. What? you say. No improv????? But I checked, it’s not on the list. But trust me, right now there are pods of Santa Cruz improvisers jonesing for community, for laughter. I know I am—though lucky me, I have the fabulous Dixie Cox to play with. But I do miss the tribe. Do miss the stress-busting powers of laughing my ass off with a bunch of like-minded adults. And these are some stressful times to be sure.

On a personal note, we sure are happy the hardware stores are on the essential list. We’re using our downtime to replace some windows in our shelter. Lucky for us, we bought the windows before our business was temporarily shut down—Not sure we’d take that financial plunge right now given the current sitch—so we have everything we need right here at home. And now we also have the time. You know what they say about having too many lemons…

Wonder Dixie is the boss when it comes to this kind of home improvement stuff. I’m the gofer, though lately I’ve been calling myself her intern. It sounds much more distinguished, methinks. Did you know Wonder DIxie was a contractor back in the day? Ran an all-women construction company in Texas? Now, before you go calling her up for help with your home improvement projects, let me say this loud and clear: she only works for me now. Ha ha. By that I mean of course: she only works for us, on our much-loved ninety-two-year-old Spanish bungalow. It was built, get this, by Santa Cruz High students back in 1928. A class project. Why they no longer build houses in high school, I can’t tell you. It seems like such a good idea. I love thinking someone got graded for making my house. Personally, I would give them an A+.

Anyway, that’s the scoop. We’re okay. And for those of you in other parts of the country who are wondering, What does this all mean???? because you think you might have to go through this same “shelter in place” at some point in the nearby future, which you may. Here are some factoids: While restaurants are closed, you can still get takeout. Same goes for coffee shops. As for bars, if that’s your thing, better stock up now. They are shuttered. But the dispensaries are open! Yay Medical Marijuana!

With any luck, the senate is going to send us some bucks. That would sure help.

So there you have it. And remember: Live the love. It’s all we’ve got. And stay healthy. And help keep others healthy by keeping your distance whenever possible.

Dixie’s Tool Bucket. Sexy, I know.