Lucky me! The faboo Bookshop Santa Cruz has agreed to host the book launch for “Rest Home Runaways” on Thursday, August 21st, at 7:30. I will be reading a short excerpt from the book, answer whatever questions you throw at me, and do some signing. I feel so grateful to live in a town that treasures its bookstores.

Whether you like to read hardback, paperback, or e-books, you can purchase them through Bookshop, either by walking in or going to their website. And they offer so much more: publishing services for those of you that want to self publish, book groups, contests and events. They are all about reading. And have been since 1966 and have managed to do what few bookstores have: negotiate their way into the new landscape of the literature distribution. And honestly, I think it says as much about Santa Cruz as it does their business savvy. Because what’s a bookstore without people that buy books? So props to you Santa Cruz.

So tell me this: What do you love about brick and mortar bookstores? And do you have one in your town?

Oh, and hope to see you at Bookshop on the 21st. It should be a nice gathering of readers.