Dear Reader,

Some exciting news: The Middle of Somewhere is now available on Audible! With me reading! I recorded my award-winning novel with Dog Ear  Audio a few years back and it was available on CD. But now you can download it onto your iPhone, iPod, whatever. And to celebrate, I’m giving away a download for free. Just comment on this blog before April 10th and I’ll enter you in the drawing.


I can’t tell you the fun I had recording my first novel. Coming up with voices for those two “old maid sisters” Piggin and Heifer, for snarky Silas Milsap and his lock-picking son Crash, for the sweet heart Buddy Bud who has Downs Syndrome, for heartthrob Cadence with her lime green cats eye glasses…. it was a blast! If you’re planning on a road trip any time soon, let Eadie T. Pratt’s road trip gone awry join you. Also great while cleaning house. Or on your daily commute.

Listening to a book is different from reading one. At least for me. I experience it in a much deeper way. Especially if it is read well. I hear the rhythm of the sentences, the sounds of the words, and I can’t rush ahead to see what happens. I have to settle in and let the story take me on its ride. It’s also a much more visual experience for me; I see the people and places in ways that I don’t when I read. I don’t know why this is true, but it’s probably why I’m a sucker for radio drama and podcasts like The Moth and Snap Judgement.

And for those of you who know me, I have a not-so-secret dream that someday someone’s going to produce a movie of The Middle of Somewhere. It could happen, right? It did win Foreword Magazine’s Book of the Year, two Rainbow Awards, and was a Golden Crown finalist. I figure getting it up on Audible just gets me that much closer.

So thanks for listening. Keep your fingers crossed. And keep on reading.